• They don't call them "The Greatest Generation" for nothing.

    The WWII Symposium will be an enlightened discussion of World War II that the history books missed, brought to you from those who were there with the help of patriotic students.

  • The WWII Symposium - Celebrating Veterans

    A celebration of and for veterans. Don't miss this opportunity to talk to actual veterans from the Battle of Normandy, Okinawa, and more!

    May 18th Boone, NC

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  • Recognize, Honor, and Educate

    The Appalachian WWII Veterans Organization's goal is to recognize and honor all veterans, while educating youth about the sacrifices made by these incredible men and women.

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  • Unforgettable Images

    Explore a gallery of images from the WWII era, collected by the Appalachian WWII Veterans Organization.

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The Appalachian WWII Veterans Organization presents the WWII Symposium

The Appalachian WWII Veterans Association was created to recognize and honor all WWII veterans, especially those in the High Country, and to educate our youth about the incredible sacrifices these veterans have made for us.

The World War II Symposium will be held May 18th at the Watauga High School (WHS) in Boone, NC.

The symposium will feature interviews with local veterans and WHS students (who have studied them) detailing their experiences, Q&A time with the veterans, discussions, presentations, and more!

Our veterans are living history books to the greatest event of the 20th Century. Our goals is to pass on what really happened when a young man or woman of 18 or younger was jerked up and sent across the ocean to fight for the rest of the world.